Long(er) volunteering consists of projects that are continuous, in which the volunteers have a more regular commitmment than on the one-off projects They are opportunities to help organizations with a few hours a week.

The Ronald McDonald Children’s Foundation is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to building homes for families of hospitalized children. Specifically, Ronald McDonald Houses are a home away from home for children (and their families) who must move away their usual residence for medical treatment. In Madrid, the Ronald McDonald House is located next to the Niño Jesús Children’s Hospital.


  • Over 18 years old.
  • Have a very good level of oral and written Spanish.
  • Responsibility, maturity, emotional stability, discretion and commitment.
  • Creative, cheerful, positive and dynamic people.
  • Flexible and adaptable attitude towards the needs of the House and families staying there.
  • Ease of communication and treatment, and lack of prejudice.
  • Availability to commit regularly, one morning or one afternoon a week.


4hours/week. One morning or one afternoon a week. It is important that they are available to commit a determined day a week, for example, whoever goes on a Monday afternoons will always go on Monday afternoons, every week.


The House’s activity is structured in 3 areas, office support, maintenance and logistics activities with families. Although volunteers have their “preferred area”, everybody does a little bit of everything. For example, someone who mainly comes for activities with children will also review the warehouse, or preparare the rooms if necessary. The priority is that the families have at their disposal anything necessary to make their stay as comfortable as possible, so all volunteers will know all the basic procedures of the House (product replacement, warehouse review, preparation of rooms, checkin/checkout of families…). Thus, the person who comes to do activities during their 4-hour volunteer shift may spend three hours on activities and 1 hour on House logistics.

In short, it is important to have a versatile profile, flexibility, be open to lend support in the activities required by the House at all times


  • Office Support: answering the telephone, reception of visitors, preparation of documentation, communication activities, contact with companies, information and care for families, etc.
  • Logistics/maintenance: review of warehouses, control and replacement of equipment, preparation and review of rooms, laundry room, garden, etc.
  • Family activities: preparation and implementation of workshops, activities, games, parties…

Of course, depending on the personal/professional profile of each volunteer, they will be able to contribute their knowledge/skills.

I want to volunteer with Ronald McDonald House

I want to volunteer with Ronald McDonald House

Fiet Gratia is a nonprofit founded in 2009, that via their “Project Rescue – Spain”, they offer holistic assistance to women in vulnerable situations: victims of human trafficking, prostituted women, victims of domestic violence, forced marriages, and women persecuted for ethnic, religious, or political motives.

In Project Rescue – Spain they offer Legal services, Educational and occupational assistance, Voluntary return to country of origin, Medical care, Emotional and spiritual support and Awareness.

Fiet Gratia is looking for people who can commit to a few hours a week, to teach Spanish to the women who belong to this organization. The schedule would be in the afternoon, on weekdays; it could be 2 or 3 times a week, and a couple of hours a day (the schedule can be negotiated with the NGO).

I want to volunteer for Fiet Gratia

I want to volunteer for Fiet Gratia

Asociación Cauces

Asociación Cauces is a non-profit organization with over 20 years of experience in the care and support of people at risk of social exclusion. Its main purposes are the prevention, attention, accompaniment and promotion of people whose life itinerary has placed them in conditions of marginalization.

They offer alternative treatment and re-insertion spaces in which the quality of care and the warmth of the reception stand out. In the last five years, they have focused on the treatment of adolescents with problems of substance abuse and behavioral problems.

The Association is looking for people who want to commit to teaching/program activities English on Sunday afternoons, from 5pm to 7pm, to the group of young people who are in their rehabilitation program.

I want to volunteer for Asociación Cauces

I want to volunteer for Asociación Cauces

Antares is an association that helps people with intellectual disabilities. They promote the social integration of people with intellectual disabilities through the development of activities that include autonomy, sociability, entertainment and personal enrichment skills. They also provide families with the support (services, guidance, information,…) they need to cover existing needs.

They organize activities that allow the person with intellectual disability to have a greater personal development and social inclusion, developing positive experiences of interaction in inclusive leisure, using the resources of the community.

Volunteering with Asociación Antares (coming soon)

I want to volunteer with Antares

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