How do we help nonprofits?

At Serve the City, we believe we are the nonprofit for nonprofits. We want to help them carry out their projects, reach their goals and oversome any obstacles that could impede it.

With that end in mind, we want to offer NGOs (nonprofits) the following:

  • The ability to network, share resources and ideas with other groups of a similar nature through regular informal gatherings.
  • A fully managed workforce to carry out any project where the volunteer can interact with the individual in need.
  • Ad-hoc finance to carry out projects we are asked to participate in that under normal circumstances would be out of their financial reach.
  • An avenue to grow their volunteer database by introducing new volunteers for their work.
  • Exposure to corporations interested in becoming directly involved with charities in their city.

If you’d like to know more, please fill out the form and we will be in touch

  • (Reminder: we do not carry out fundraising activities of any kind)

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