Presenting: REvolunteering

This month, Serve the City launches a new volunteering concept … REvolunteering! But what is it exactly?

We are always eager to create a community, and we believe that REvolunteering can enrich relations between people and thus generate greater empathy between them and their needs in different groups of the city.

It is volunteering carried out by people who have been the previous recipients of a volunteer action, and now it is they who get involved helping others, and thus create a very positive cycle of solidarity action-reaction. This means that members and of other organizations become volunteers themselves in the one-off projects that we carry out each month, collaborating hand-in-hand with other people and leave their mark.

This month, for example, members of Fundación Alicia and Guillermo will take part in our sandwich route, distributing food to the homeless. Previously, our friends from Fundación Amanecer have cooperated as volunteers in other projects,

So from now on you will be able to meet people from other NGOs while you volunteer alongside them.

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