STC Madrid has a new team member!

Sergio Montes has just joined the STC Madrid team, and he tells us a little bit about his experience and what he hopes to achieve now that he’s here.

When did your experience with STC begin?

It started by chance four years ago, I wanted to volunteer in my free time but without taking on a big commitment, but once I met STC and their activities, it became a way of life, every weekend was a new and beautiful experience of collaboration, with the sense (and later certainty) that with small acts of volunteering a lot can be done, more than I imagined in the beginning.

How do you feel now that you are working on this project?

Very happy. Being able to dedicate my time to others and to improve the city in which I live is the best.

How will you take on this project?

Collaborating with people and organizations to make Madrid a more solidary and just city.

How can people get in touch with you?

Through my email address:

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