Donate Your Job

People often ask why should they donate money? Aren’t they already donating their time? That is very true and we are super thankful for that, their time really is the most valuable thing a person can give.

But we want to encourage even more people to donate their time!

We imagine a city where every person volunteers to help those in need who they see around them! In order to make that possible we promise our NGO partners that not only will we recruit the volunteers, we will also take care of all the project management items as well as pay for all the project expenses too so that we really can be a gift to them. That means every sandwich we give out to a homeless person, every can of paint we use to repaint a home for victims of human trafficking, every cupcake we cook with sick children in the hospital and every cup of coffee we give out to someone using Casa de Banos is paid for by Serve the City.

That’s why we ask you to consider donating money to support our work but even then we want to give you something, a unique experience that will bring the values of Serve the City into your worksplace.

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